Wiki Basics

Working In the Wiki

We are running this wiki as wide open, so you can add to the content of the wiki pages on this site that have an Edit This Page button.

The wiki much like a basic Word document with the tools on the toolbar. You can find a comprehensive guide to editing at but a few key hints you may want to knowt:
  • If you just list a URL in the text you are writing, it is automatically converted to a link- we encourage you to provide many links!
  • Use the Preview button in the editor if you are unsure of your work, but be sure to Save when you are done.
  • This wiki has easy to use tools for adding images, and you can even embed video clips. To add a video, click the widget icon (it looks like a little TV set), then click Video on the left, and follow the instructions for the appropriate kind of video source. This can embed a relevant video right into the discussions in the wiki, as an example, this YouTube video of Ewan McIntosh's talk on social media and open education
  • If you are editing a bulleted list like this one, pressing RETURN/ENTER creates a new bullet. If you just want to put a single line break, press SHIFT-ENTER