Readings on Applications of Technology

Applications of digital video, mobile devices, social media, and the global network.

Access2OER: The CCK08 Solution (description of a massively open online course)
Stephen Downes
I believe it would be worth a few words to describe a course run by George Siemens and I last fall. The course was titled 'Connectivism and Connective Knowledge'. It was offered through the University of Manitoba as a credit course, but we also offered the course for free to any person interested. It came to be called the MOOC - Massive Open Online Course.

Flat World Knowledge
Flat World Knowledge offers free online textbooks that teachers can modify for their own courses. Students can access the texts online or order inexpensive print copies. The community can contribute to textbooks or discuss the content.

Mobile Devices and the Future of Free Education 2009 (paper)
(Rory McGreal, Athabasca University, 2009.) This paper describes M-learning, or the delivery of open educational content via mobile devices, and suggests its potential for providing free, universal access to education.

Uni Computer Lecturer Makes YouTube his Classroom
(Asher Moses, The Age, 4 March 2009.) At the University of New South Wales, senior lecturer Richard Buckland offers his course free of charge to high school students. The students watch the lectures on YouTube and attend a tutorial once a week.