Readings on Personalized Learning

Personalized learning, and learning standards that work across borders.

Chris Dede: Disrupting the Traditional Classroom (video)

A Conceptual Study, International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (paper)
Taraghi, B., Ebner, M., Till, G., Mühlburger, H. (2009) Personal Learning Environment - A Conceptual Study, International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL 2009), Villach, AT
"The influence of digital technologies as well as the World Wide Web on education rises dramatically. In former years Learning Management Systems (LMS) were introduced on educational institutes to address the needs both their institutions and their lecturers. Nowadays a shift from an institution-centred approach to a learner- centred one becomes necessary to allow individuality through the learning process and to think about learning strategies in general. In this paper a first approach of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is described. The technological concept is pointed out as well as a study about the graphical user-interface done at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). It can be concluded that PLEs are the next generation environments, which help to improve the learning and teaching behaviour."
Personal Learning Environment - A Conceptual Study

Overview of Personal Learning Environments (wiki)
Recent developments in learning technologies are creating an array of options not present when learning management systems (LMS) gained prominence in academic institutions. These tools – blogs, wikis, podcasts, social bookmarking and others – create a significant shift in the educational experience. Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) refer to the aggregation of single-functionality tools which enable learners greater control over their own learning experience. Instead of centralized, instructor-controlled learning, PLEs are distributed, social and learner-centric.

JISC Personal Learning Environments (web site, project report)
The overall aim of the project is to elaborate and develop the emerging Personal Learning Environment concept in order to enable, in Phase 2 of the current JISC programme cycle, such a platform to be developed incorporating existing open source developments, and then, in Phase 3, further projects to build on and extend this platform. The reference implementation of a PLE is to illuminate and inform other innovations in this area that can be developed and deployed, and to provide a technical base for enhanced sustainability.

Final Report

Web2.0 Meets Standards: Personal Learning Networks (Presentation)
Flyod Pentin, University of Central Missouri, ALA Conference 2009

On the way towards Personal Learning Environments: Seven crucial aspects (paper)
Sandra Schaffert & Wolf Hilzensauer (Salzburg Research)