Group Three Wiki Notes: Technology Applications

70591583_f319cb6b93_t.jpg Applications of digital video, mobile devices, social media, and the global network.
For many people, technology is a primary means of connecting with each other, socializing, getting work done, and managing one's commitments. As an integral part of everyday life, technology empowers us to communicate with one another no matter where we may be located or what we may be doing. Students are connected directly to experts, to information, and to one another in ways that were not possible a short time ago. Digital video, mobile devices, social media, and the global network can have a profound effect on teaching and learning when employed in a way that gives students the ability to do their own research, draw their own conclusions, and communicate their own findings.

Please consider any five of the following questions as you explore the theme of the applications of digital video, mobile devices, social media, and the global network.

1. Pick one or more of these technologies. What are some ways it might facilitate or mediate teaching and learning?

Video are assets, mobile is a delivery mechanism... Of these, the implications of social media challenge thinking the most. It most closely reflects the way that communities function. Puts appropriate emphasis on the importance of interaction.

2. How can the technology you chose be employed in a classroom setting? In informal learning? In mentoring?

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3. How can the use of the technology you selected prepare students to live and work in today's world?

New ability of video to quickly and cheaply capture key attributes of practice. Visual narrative. Almost a form of interaction. Becoming possible to interrogate video in new ways.

In social networks, one generally is with people that you are most comfortable. In a learning domain, we may extend that to the people who challenge us, take us out of that comfort.

4. What infrastructure is needed in order for more students to gain access to the technology? What equipment is required? How can these things be supplied?

Notion of the VLE as all-encompassing environment is clearly inadequate.

5. What are the unique implications for the K-12 level? the postsecondary level? for lifelong or independent learners?

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6. What are the policy implications?

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7. What are some promising examples? (please list URLs if possible)

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8. What are some of the roadblocks?

Sheer scale of data. Approaches for interpretation such as visualization become increasingly important.
Cultural differences within the university are going to be an enduring challenge, especially if our university has a global reach (as is desired)

Action Steps

List the top three to five action steps that could be taken right now towards implementing this idea. Which people or organization(s) might be able to take each action?

1. We want to extend the multiple literacies of academic endeavor, including new digital literacies.
2. Recognize that the facility students may have with new technology does not necessarily imply real literacy in those domains.
3. Invest in technologies that enhance how we communicate, not delimited by disciplines.
4. Embrace all technologies, within the context of a social medium or network. (IE: thinking of online chat as "learning conversations")